A Taste of the Arctic Environment - GuideGunnar

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Directions: Latest meeting time and place: 8:50am (08:50) at "Guides Central", Sjøgata 29 Departure time and place: 9:00am (09:00) at "Guides Central", Sjøgata 29 Included: Guide, tansport, local cake (lefse), hot black currant juice and water. Complimentary pictures and a Google Map directions link, showing your route will sent to your email. Drop off at your hotel in the city. Duration: 5 hours Contactinfo provider: +47 934 43 443 / info@guide-gunnar.no Visit Tromsø Region office hours Mon-Fri from 9am (09:00) to 4pm (16:00), phone +47 77 61 00 00, e-mail booking@visittromso.no.