Tromsø International Filmfestival

Location: Tromsø
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Tromsø International Filmfestival presents a variety of films, spanning from Russian zombie flicks and Finnish singalong to documentaries about Israeli military intelligence, the terror attack against Norway and shorts and docs from the Arctic region.

Tromsø International Film Festival is both a popular audience festival and an important meeting place for Norwegian and international film industry.

Tromsø International Film Festival shows challenging quality films from around the world for a local, national and international audience

• Tromsø International Film Festival will be the most important meeting place for the film community in northern areas, and promote the development, recruitment and capacity building.

• The festival will create interest in the city and be an annual highlight for people and businesses in Tromsø.

outdoor cinema
TIFF takes place every year at the end of dark period in Tromso, this provides unique opportunities to view films out there, even in the afternoon. TIFF film shows on the square in the heart of the town center. The program is variable but often consists of a selection of short and documentary films from the festival's film from the North program, and special displays for children and young people, and the festival's opening event


Date Time Arena/Place
18 Jan
Wednesday 18 jan 2017 2:37 PM  
19 Jan
Thursday 19 jan 2017 2:37 PM  
20 Jan
Friday 20 jan 2017 2:37 PM  
21 Jan
Saturday 21 jan 2017 2:37 PM  

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  • Wed 18 jan 2017 2:37 PM - 12:00 AM @
  • Thu 19 jan 2017 2:37 PM - 12:00 AM @
  • Fri 20 jan 2017 2:37 PM - 12:00 AM @
  • Sat 21 jan 2017 2:37 PM - 12:00 AM @
  • Sun 22 jan 2017 2:37 PM - 12:00 AM @

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